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ALUMINUM CLAD - Clad in extruded aluminum is a material option that won't ding or
dent. Extruded aluminum is more durable and increases the structural integrity of the

ALUMINUM - is a reliable, energy efficient material option that provides homeowners
with little maintenance and long-lasting quality.

ARGON - is a safe, odorless, colorless gas, which is heavier or denser than air. When
paired with Low-E, it can provide better insulation.

CLEAR GLASS - is standard on all windows and is the base glass provided in windows
prior to any upgrades or glazing options being added.

DAYLIGHT TRANSMITTANCE - Measures the amount of visible light that is
transmitted through the glass.

FENESTRATION - An architectural term referring to the arrangement of windows in a
wall. From the Latin word "fenestra" meaning  window.

FRAME - The enclosure in which window sashes or door panels are mounted.

GLAZING - The act or process of fitting a window or door with glass.

INSULATED GLASS (IG) - A combination of two or more panes of glass with
hermetically sealed air space between. This space may be filled with an inert gas,  
such as argon.

INTERFORCE ll - Interforce ll windows offer internal fiberglass reinforced meeting rails
for unsurpassed strength and durability.

LOW-E GLASS - is optimized for cooler climates by applying two thinner layers of
coating to the glass, through a patented process saving you energy year round.

LOW-E (low emissivity) GLASS - has a secondary, very thin metallic dual layer coating.
It reflects radiant heat waves, so it helps keep your home warmer in the winter and
cooler in the summer.

LOW-E GLASS - A microscopically thin, virtually invisible metallic oxide layer
deposited on a window glazing surface. Low-E can reduce heating and cooling bills
plus dramatically improve overall comfort.

LOW-E GLASS - is optimized for warmer climates by applying two heavier layers of
coating, through a patented process saving you energy year round.

R-CORE INSULATION - is pre-expanded high-density solid-polyurethane which is the
same material type used in many refrigerator/freezer doors. It prevents voids and
settling and results in even distribution of the maximum insulating barrier.   

R-VALUE - Represents a material's resistance to heat flow and its ability to insulate.
The higher the R-Value, the better insulation performance.

SASH - A single assembly of stiles and rails made into a frame for holding glass.

STILE - The main vertical members of the framework of a sash.

U-FACTOR - is a measurement of the window's ability to prevent heat loss from the
house. The lower the U-Factor rating is on a window, the greater its ability to prevent
heat loss.

UV BLOCK - Measures the amount of damaging ultraviolet light that is blocked from
being transmitted through the glass.

VINYL CLAD - windows offer homeowners the beauty of natural wood combined with
the durability and ease of vinyl. An interior facing traditional wood frame paired with a
weather resistant vinyl exterior frame.

VINYL - offers homeowners with long-lasting, weather-tight material for extended
performance and beauty.

WARM EDGE TECHNOLOGY - Plus optional warm edge+ spacer system utilizes a
highly non-conductive material, which provides a lower U-factor.

WARM EDGE TECHNOLOGY - The warm edge glass spacer system reduces thermal
transfer around the glass perimeter by utilizing a unique U-shaped channel to
separate glass panes and interrupt the natural flow of heat to cold. Warm Edge is one
continuous piece creating a stronger, more energy-efficient insulated glass unit.

WARM SPACER - The warm edge spacer system  reduces thermal transfer around
the glass perimeter with a unique one piece. U-shaped channel to separate glass
panes providing a more energy efficient insulated glass unit.               
Making Window Terms Clear
Windows- which are 80% glass- can be one of the largest areas of
energy loss on a home. You might think of the glass as being
fragile, yet it's one of the most powerful elements in achieving
super-efficient, weather-tight performance.   
Summer Energy Savings &
Comfort. Low-E insulating glass
reduces heat penetration from
solar energy.
Winter Energy Savings &
Comfort. Low-E insulating glass
reduces heat loss by reflecting
warm air back into your home.
# 1. Built for lasting performance using virgin vinyl (PVC) resin; solid vinyl color won't
chip, peel, crack or warp.
# 2. Multi-chambered sash and main frame provide insulating air spaces for increased
thermal efficiency.
# 3. Insulated glass unit with sealed air space between the panes of glass helps reduce
transfer of heat and cold.
# 4. PPG Intercept Warm Edge Spacer System saves energy by reducing the
conduction of heat at the edge of the glass for superior thermal performance and
# 5. Interlock at steel-reinforced sash meeting rails offers increased insulation, comfort
and security.
# 6. Bulb seal at meeting rail enhances energy efficiency.
# 7. Drop-in glazing provides added protection from outside elements.
# 8. Easy-to-operate fully extruded lift rails.
# 9. Sloped sill prevents accumulation of water and debris.
#10. Hidden screen track creates a clean-line appearance.
#11. Protective bulb seal at sill helps block out dust, dirt and air infiltration.
Additional Features:
-Fusion-welded sash and main frame for strength and rigidity.
-Dual ventilator locks for limited and secure opening of the window for ventilation.
-Full balance covers for reduced air infiltration while adding a finished look to the   
window frame.
-DuraLift block and tackle balance system for smooth operation of sashes.
-Tilt-in top and bottom sashes for safe and easy cleaning from inside the home.
-Double-barrier fin seal weatherstripping at the sash sides helps block air, water and
dirt infiltration.
-Beveled exterior profile creates a handsome appearance.
-Half screens are standard; optional full screens available.  
A look at the Ply Gem!
Fusion-welded strength
R-Core insulated frames and sash
1. Pinch fusion-welding construction creates a solid, one piece unit with no excess variance for long-term durability.
2. Heavy duty weatherstripping provides a barrier to air and water saving energy dollars.
3. Sloped sill with unique SilLock design ensures natural water run-off.
4. Premium Series comes standard with the vinyl mainframe filled with patented R-Core (pre-expanded high-density
solid polyurethane insulation), the same type used in many refrigerator / freezer doors; for enhanced performance
Premium Series Energy Package options feature the mainframe and sash filled with patented R-Core.
5. Interforce ll reinforced meeting rails on double hung and sliding windows with Premium Series Energy Package
options, feature internal structural fiberglass extrusions for reinforcement along with an integral interlocking system,
providing unsurpassed strength and durability without conduction.
6. Warm Edge glass spacer system reduces thermal transfer around the glass perimeter by using a unique U-shaped
channel to separate glass panes and interrupt the natural flow of heat to cold.
7. New Generation uiPVC vinyl never needs painting or caulking and resists conducting heat and cold.